Hey there kiddoies and such, welcome to the megalozero's unoffical website !!!111 this is so awesome like look at this skeleton on a bike to show how awesome this is.

This link here is for only the coolest of people BWL her channel.

Hey you, yeah you yeah yeah you! do you want to be on this epic page?????? Well than, hit me up on discord, write 1-2 sentaces about megalozero, and yeah, thats it really. even this snow mans look at you and wanting you do to do it!!!11!

look at this funny skeleton:

''look at this skeleton with a trumpet its such a bursting with laughter momment!!!!''

''l00k at this skeleton with a guitar, hes jammin out!!!!''

who you made to the end, but thats not all!!!111 were still working on it, and the current estimates that megalozero will come back streamnig is 5 years, ONLY 5 YEARS11 (thats a joke ok?) but heres a list on why megalzero is cool for your troubles !!!1!!1

why megalozero is cool: